Saturday, March 16, 2019

Final touches

First, I found myself looking up at the screen too much for PLAY FAST FORWARD AND REWIND. I renamed the functions PLAY, NEXT, LAST, because + is more like NEXT and - more like LAST and yes the Commodore buttons are backwards , but that is the way they are. Then We have the new SPARKLE switch, a new sound effect that you have to hear.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Below is an Excel rendering of the new LFO for Fastfingers. Fastfingers 1 never had a real LFO . It was just a count up and count down to produce Swirl and Tremelo filtering. This will be smoother sounding. The original was more like a Triangle wave. I plotted this on graph paper first. It is not a true Sine wave.

Friday, February 15, 2019


The changes to the new FRONT PAGE or PERFORMANCE PAGE of Fastfingers may look subtle, but they are quite profound. First off, Vibrato, Tremelo, Glide, Swirl and SQFL (sequencer data to control filter rather than pitch) have all been added to the front page and can be toggled on and off. Also note that there is no longer a button for real time recording.Recording in real time with this is unnecessary and was touchy in slowed down step mode. Data can be changed with the new step sequencer editors for Pitch, Velocity, and Transpose. The TRANSPORT formerly used for Record, Fastforward ,Rewind will now allow the user during a performance to move to the next 16 event Note, Velocity or Transpose sequence. Stop will return to the beginning of THAT sequence. The WHERE display now will simultaneously display the positions of the Pitch, Velocity, and Transpose and the SPEED display has been moved to between FASTER and SLOWER. Also there will now be 10 "FAST PRESETS" without MIDI (instead of 8) and 16 when operating BLIND with a MIDI keyboard. (A different kind of performance.) Sorry people. This program will no longer work properly with Vice...only on a real Commodore 64 or C128.

Monday, January 14, 2019


This will make real time recording unnecessary and thus real time recording will be removed to allow for a few new functions. Fastfingers will become a fully functional step sequencer with arpeggios which will automatically transpose guided by this transpose memory.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


This new version has lots of new goodies , like MIDI, velocity, sequencer for pitch or sequencer for filtering...and of course a new step editor.